Sunday, April 12, 2015

Idaho PatCon: Always Room Here For The Lonely

Are you planning on attending our July PatCon? Bring your dancing boots. Way back in my post PatCon Update: What to Expect, I did promise some fun. Time to deliver. More below. So, read on. First some trivia and light commentary. I suspect my blogging privileges will be revoked any day now.

Little known fact: K's wife is a HUGE country music fan. 
Lesser known fact: I wrote my first country song when I was about 11 years old. Didn't say it was a good country song. At that age, one hasn't lived enough life to write a good country song. 

So, while Miss Violet & I continue our PatCon Planning, take a listen to one of my all-time favorites, Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn. This video link is the live version. At bottom is a link to the studio version played in the movie (apologies) Urban Cowboy. Caution: If you have tender sensibilities, opt for the live version. The movie version contains hitting, punching, mean looks, kissing, exposed bellybuttons, suggestive mechanical bull riding & questionable choreography featuring cowboy-styled dancing. 
Brooks & Dunn - Neon Moon [Live]

Sign Up for the St. Maries "Neon Moon" Line Dance Flash Mob
As you listen to Neon Moon, imagine being part of a "four wall line dance" in a III Patriot flash mob. I can teach you the steps in 10 minutes flat. Practice 10 more. Voila, you're a pro! Attire: Demin. Cowboy hats optional. Men will do the line dance with thumbs hooked into belt loops -- so no fancy arm movements. Dignity gentlemen. Dignity. Our local Sheriff looks great in a cowboy hat. Sheriff, expect an invitation to lead us in our little line dance flash mob. St. Maries may never be the same. 

To sign up, Click here: III Patriot Line Dance Flash Mob
Dancing without a permit. You Extremists! What next? 

If you cannot attend the July PatCon, our dedicated videographer WILL record for private YouTube access. Maybe. ;-)

Here is the version of Neon Moon featured in Urban Cowboy.


  1. I watched a fella at the state line, Idaho "Roster Club" (or something along those lines)... kiss his girl, and then take the to the empty floor. That fella did a line-dance that had the rest of us standing and hootin n hollarin' and shaking our heads, knowing that we (probably just me) that no way on God''s green earth was I ever gonna try to line dance again! I've stayed true to my word! ;-)

    1. Roswell, no point letting some unknown fella steal the joy of line dancing away from you forever. What happens at the top of a mountain, stays at the top of a mountain. Just saying...

  2. "When the sun goes down on my side of town..." omg, in history, has anything beat Ronnie Dunn at that? "I spend most every night, beneath the light...of a neon moon"
    I've never met you, or K, and I'm jealous, lol. Or I would be, if grandma weren't as "country" as you.... I do so pray we meet at PatCon... we may caravan up with lineman and LT. Pray we can, obstacles always come up in doing the Lord's work...
    Be blessed and I pray you get to try campfire spaghetti this summer... Grandpa (stormfriend) sends...

    1. Stormfriend, I am TOTALLY expecting to see Grandpa. It will break my heart if he doesn't show up at PatCon. I got your email address from K and was planning to email you directly to ask about Grandpa's plans to attend. Doing a caravan with Lineman & LT sounds like a great plan. And, we'd all love to try "campfire spaghetti."


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