Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Counting Down the Days

St. Maries: Just Minutes from the Center of Town
Twenty-one days and counting! The excitement here in St. Maries is palpable. The Planning Committee and local tribe are looking forward to welcoming our Guests in just a few weeks. Final plans are being made. I was at Amazon looking at colorful gift bags and caught myself smiling with anticipation. This is going to be FUN!!!

We can hardly wait to see everyone.   

We're extending Registration for another week. Some folks are still sorting out the details of their lives so they can join us. 

AC & DC from NC emailed loads of ideas for fun kids' activities. Thanks! 


  1. unless something happens between now and then out of my control I will be there

    1. AWESOME!!! Glad you got everything sorted so you can make it.

      Will shortly email you.


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