Monday, July 13, 2015

Preparing Our Guests for the Drive to St. Maries

In preparation for emailing driving directions to PatCon Guests, I drove west along Hwy 5 to make sure I had the correct mile marker for the turn-off. Any excuse will do to drive that way!  Actually drove an extra 10 miles farther than necessary just for the scenery. 

It's been an exquisitely beautiful day! Sparkling sunshine. Blue skies with happy clouds. No humidity worth mentioning. And the rain-cleansed air rushing through the open windows scented with pine. 
* * * * *

We look forward to receiving our Guests in only one more week. 

This is "downtown" St. Maries with authentic old west architecture. 

The epitome of charming. 

There's something wonderful about life slowed down to a small town pace.


  1. It brings peace to your soul living in Gods unspoiled land doesn't it;)


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