Saturday, July 11, 2015

Raining In St. Maries

It's 66 degrees and raining heavily in St. Maries. This deep, soaking rain marks the end of an atypical dry-spell for this area.

The week ahead looks gorgeous. High temps will remain in the 80s. Overnight temps will dip into the 50s. Cooler on the mountain of course. 

Chances are good the recent fire restrictions will be lifted. 

The Planning Committee will keep our Guests apprised. 

Remember to pack a fleece or heavy sweatshirt for bracing mountain mornings. 


  1. My wife and I would like to attend this event, but it is well past July 7th. If I go ahead and register anyway will we be turned away?

    1. Please send an email to:

      If you are Ray, several emails to your email address have bounced back.


  2. No, as long as you're registered, you won't be turned away. I'm guessing you are Ray. Is that right? If so, we received notification of your PayPal registration. You'll shortly receive an email from


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