Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Season of Giving: Cookbook Update

As you all know, this last spring, Miss Violet & I originally conceived the III Patriot Community Cookbook as a fundraiser for the annual Idaho PatCon.  

Miss Violet & I are very proud to announce that we are gifting the Cookbook idea -- in its entirety -- to Starvin' Larry as a fundraiser for his Mass Feeding Mobile Kitchen Trailer (MKT) ProjectIt is a worthy cause that we endorse wholeheartedly. This Cookbook will be a valuable marketing & funding tool for the MKT Project and will serve the entire III Patriot community.  

Starvin Larry has decades of experience as a chef who also ran the kitchens of upscale hotels and country clubs.  No surprise that most of the recipes we received for our Cookbook were generously contributed by Starvin' Larry (aka GamegetterII) whose blog can be found at

Discussions with Starvin Larry, a few months ago, inspired us to completely re-envision the III Patriot Community Cookbook to include chapters specific to SHTF cooking, such as a chapter on the herbs and spices everyone should add to their personal preps so rice and beans become less boring.  Other chapters with tasty recipes made from basic preps as well as setting up an outdoor kitchen in a post-SHTF world, proper sanitation, even field dressing of game, will be written by Starvin Larry with assistance from one of his MKT Project colleagues who also has over three decades of experience as a chef. 

Miss Violet & I are in complete agreement that Larry and the other chef helping to spearhead the MKT Project are, in fact, best suited as the authors, editors and publishers for this Cookbook. 

In all fairness, since most of the content is being provided by Starvin Larry, it makes perfect sense that his MKT Project should be the sole beneficiary of the Cookbook project. 

Larry has, therefore, been given our blessing to run with the III Patriot Community Cookbook idea.  (He may, of course, decide on another title.) 

We have little doubt that everyone else who has contributed recipes for the III Patriot Community Cookbook will gladly support the MKT Project with the recipes they already submitted.  

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