The Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous is hosted by Idaho PatCon, LLC on a rustic mountaintop retreat in beautiful St. Maries, Idaho. From our vantage point at nearly 5,000 feet, the vistas are magnificent.  

Enjoy a spirited gathering of some of the most interesting folks you'll ever find in one place. Swap stories and share tricks of the trade with:
  • Shooters & Firearms Enthusiasts
  • Outdoorsmen & Adventurers
  • Dedicated Preppers
  • Skilled Survivalists
  • Self-Defense Experts
  • Hardcore Huntsmen
  • Game Fishing Aficionados
  • Bow Hunters & Sport Archers
  • Farmers & Avid Home Gardeners 
  • Bakers & Brewmeisters 
  • Masters in Camp Cookery and much more...
Guests come from all over the country and from all walks of life. Whether they work in blue jeans or blazers, our guests share a common thread: this is a gathering of dyed-in-the-wool Patriots. 

Our event features classes, demonstrations, discussions, guest speakers, and great fun with games, contests, and friendly competitions for adults & kids of all ages. 

Learn preparedness skills & survival basics. Find out about the latest in outdoor & adventure trends. Explore the best offerings from industry vendors. 

Come to network & share ideas with like-minded folks. Forge new friendships, build lasting relationships, and make unforgettable memories.

At the end of each day, gather with us for Sunset Cocktails & Nightly Fireside Chats. Our time together will become the stuff of legends. ;-)

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